Who We Are

Our Story

Our church was founded in 1972 at a bar in Ft. Lauderdale, of all places. The congregation was predominantly hispanic, services at the time were only held in Spanish. As the years progressed, we saw that our families and community needed our ministry to be reached in English, too. Therefore, Peters Road Baptist Church has become a multicultural community. We are one church, being led by Pastor David Lema through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, rooted in His word, obeying what Jesus has commanded.

We believe that regardless of your cultural or spiritual background, you’ll have a place to belong in our family.

Our Vision

We want to be a healthy church doing the Great Commission.

Our Mission

To be Holy Spirit-filled Christ followers, making a difference, for the glory of God.


Our Core Values


Our Beliefs

The name of our church obviously expresses that we are a Baptist church. However, we’d like to bring clarity as to what being Baptist means. To begin with, Baptists are not a denomination, but a tradition of like-minded churches who share one common faith and message. These churches voluntarily agree to an association for the purpose of pushing forward the Great Commission. Baptists are, therefore, a network (or association/convention) of autonomous churches that cooperate to plant churches, and send missionaries across the world.

In addition, there are several types of Baptist conventions, but at Peters Road we are associated with the Southern Baptist Convention. If you are interested in reading the Baptist Faith & Message click here.

What You’ll Find

At Peters Road Baptist Church you will find:

  • a friendly atmosphere
  • a dynamic worship experience
  • a relevant and practical message that is Bible centered
  • a safe environment for kids to grow
  • a relevant environment for teens to make friends, worship, and mature


Dr. David Lema
Dr. David LemaLead Pastor
Dr. David Lema has been the lead pastor of Peters Road Baptist Church since February 2020. He has two doctorate degrees and serves as professor of Missions in New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He is married to his amazing wife, Milvian, and they are parents of 3 amazing young adults. As our lead Pastor he focuses on the spiritual development of our congregation.
Mike Pileggi
Mike PileggiAssociate Pastor
Pastor Mike Pileggi is married to his beautiful wife Mari, and they have a daughter. He has served in ministry for over a decade. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry and is working on an MDiv at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Pastor Mike is passionate about training and equipping leaders to do the Great Commission.
Nelson Diaz
Nelson DiazDiscipleship Pastor
Pastor Nelson Diaz is married to his wife Jany, and they have two children. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Ministry from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s Leavell College. Pastor Nelson serves bi-vocationally. His focus is developing discipleship material for our church.
Mabel Moriyon
Mabel MoriyonWorship & Women's Ministry
Mabel Moriyon has been a worship minister for over 25 years. She currently attends New Orleans Theological Baptist Seminary. She is happily married to her wonderful husband, Tony, and is the mother of 3. Mabel oversees the worship ministry and women’s ministry at our church.

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