You Shall Be My Witnesses

Our Missions Team’s goal is to help make disciples that in turn make disciples. The way we accomplish this is by partnering with individuals in other countries, to help their communities thrive. The majority of our focus goes towards countries in Latin America, but we have partners in every continent. We encourage our church to participate in short term mission trips to help our partners. Churches have sprouted because of the faithfulness of our church in doing the great commission. Below you can watch some of the highlights of the missions we’ve participated with.

To the ends of the earth…

It may seem like it’s not for you; that’s not the case. We know that everyone is called to take the message of the Gospel wherever they go. Through short term mission trips, you’ll be exposed to new impossibilities. You will witness God’s work firsthand through a different lens. The cost of going on a trip may be frightening. However, we believe in the God of the impossible. Don’t let fear get in the way, don’t let finances get in the way. We have the resources to equip you and to help you raise the necessary funds.

Contact us if you’re interested in going to a mission trip, or if you want to support someone going on mission.

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